For Sale by Owner Homes in Gladwin Michigan?
Are you thinking about selling your home or property on your own?
How do you go about selling your real estate on your own and what are the pros and cons of doing so?
Are you prepared to take the plung into the FSBO world of real estate in todays very competivtive market?

There is a lot of things  to consider when it comes to trying to sell your home on your own.
There is NO Brokerage Fee (commission) to be paid. You receive all of the proceeds
(less marketing costs). (This is the biggest benefit of selling your own house).

You are in total control of the transaction.

If mistakes are made, they are your own. There is no one else to make mistakes "for" you.

If your equity is low, you may be able to sell your house without having to write a check.

You are always available at the home for showings, answering inquiries, etc.
You must rely on your own instincts.

All marketing and advertising costs are your own, which can be an expensive proposition.

Your home will not be listed the the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). You will have to hunt for buyers one at a time.

Without all the tools in hand, you may underprice or overprice the house. For information on getting price comparisons for your
neighborhood, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You can have an agent come over and do a market analysis for your home
in person or you can request information to be sent by email, about similar homes that have been sold in the area. Knowing how
much your home can be worth is one of the first steps in beginning to market the property.

If you are not skilled in negotiation, you may leave money on the table.

All of the paperwork, legal forms, etc. are your responsibility and must be handled by you.

You will need to be available to show your home to Buyers at different times of the day.

If you want to give maximum benefit to your efforts, your free time will be somewhat or severely limited.

Many buyers believe that if you are selling on your own and not paying a commission, it is they (the buyers) who should get the saving--
not you.

As you approach negotiations, you must sever emotional ties with your house or you will place yourself at a disadvantage.

You must become knowledgeable of legal and financial issues to be most effective.
Advantages Of Selling A House On Your Own
Disadvantages Of Selling A House On Your Own
There's More to Selling Your Home than a "For Sale" Sign In Your Front Yard: Beware
FSBO in Gladwin MI
For Sale By Owner in Gladwin Michigan
FSBO in Gladwin Michigan?
For Sale By Owner in Gladwin Michigan
Selling Your Home
Recommended Books
100 Questions Every Home
Seller Should Ask
by Ilyce R. Glink
Highly recommended. Avoid the
pitfalls when selling a house
House Selling for Dummies
by Ray Brown and Eric Tyson
Save time, save money and save
your sanity when selling your house!
50 Simple Steps You can take to Sell Your Home - On
50 Simple Steps You Can Take
to Sell Your Home Faster and
for More Money in Any Market
by Ilyce R. Glink
Start out with a simple truth: Your
home probably needs some, if not a
lot of, work to prepare it for sale
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Even if a simple sign in your yard did produce a buyer knocking on your door, how will you handle the following questions:
"How does your home compare to others like it in area?"

"Is you Property in a visible location and easy to find?

"How did you determine the fair market value of this property?"

"What about financing? Can you help?"

"If someone makes an offer, who will draw up the paperwork?"

"Why aren't you using a Realtor? Is there something wrong with the property?"

"Since you aren't using a Realtor, we can take their fee right off the top, right?"
Selling your home is one of the most important financial transactions you will make in your life. Don't take risks.
Selling your home is nothing like selling a car. Every home is different, and every home buyer wants to offer you as little
as possible. How do you determine the real market value?

Almost all homes are sold using a Realtor. As a top real estate professional, it is my job to help you negotiate with all
those buyers who want something for nothing. Not to mention preparing your home for sale, marketing it locally in area
and even nationally, and guiding you through the
complex paperwork and pitfalls of escrow and closing. Make sure
you are really ready to handle all of that before pounding that sign into your front yard.
Errors can be extremely costly.
Buyers want to offer you as close to nothing as possible! While that "For Sale By Owner" sign might
sound like a good idea, it usually means a different thing to buyers: "
Try to steal this one."

If you must sell your own home, at least let me give you a sense of its true market value. Tell me a bit about
your home, and I'll do a quick Comparative Market Analysis and let you know what I feel it is worth. This is free, with no
strings attached. Simply fill out the form and I will quickly get back to you...
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give you a list of similar homes that have sold in the area. If you check this box, I
will only be able to send you a list of homes for comparison. It will not be a
thorough analysis of your home.
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