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Sugar Springs Questions & Answers

What is Sugar Springs?
Sugar Springs is a planned community development, located in northern Gladwin County Michigan.  It covers approximately 4,000 acres and boasts some of the area's most beautiful homes and lakes. Sugar Springs also offers these recreational amenities:

* 18-Hole Championship Golf Course
* Fully Staffed Pro-Shop
* Club House & Lounge
* Two Lakes (Lake Lancer & Lake Lancelot)
* Fifteen Beach Clubs
* Activity Building
* Indoor Heated Swimming Pool
* Tennis and Basketball Courts
* Campground & Chalet
* Cross Country Skiing Trails
* Hiking Trails
* Sledding Hills
* Grass Air Strip

What does POA or HOA stand for?
POA is short for Property Owners Association and HOA is for Home Owners Association. The POA has association rules and dues. The phone number for the POA office is 989-426-4111.


Quick Links to Important POA Documents


Sugar Springs Regulations and Policies 2023

2024 Fee Schedule Pamphlet

How much are the POA dues each year?
$475 plus lake treatment fees. For 2024, lake treatment fees run $60 for off-water lots, $100 for lake view lots, and $170 for lakefront lots. The lake treatment fees are paid for at the same time dues are paid. 

Once I am a member, do I have to pay anything extra to use some of the amenities?
Yes. There are additional use fees for golf, tennis, swimming pool, and campground. For more information regarding fees and types of memberships, please call the POA office at 989-426-4111. (Fee schedule in the Menu to the left)

Once I purchase a lot, am I required to build on it within a certain amount of time?

No. You are never required to build on your lot. You are allowed to leave it natural, set it up for camping, or build when you're ready, (if ever). Some lot owners simply purchase their lots for membership benefits.

What is the minimum size of a home allowed to be built on a lot?
720 square feet, with the exception of the Islander Realm which requires a home to be 1000 sq ft or more.

Am I allowed to have a modular home placed on my property?
Modular homes are allowed, with POA approval. Must have at least a 4/12 pitch roof. However, single-wide and double-wide manufactured homes (steel frame) are NOT allowed.

Can I build a garage or a pole barn on my lot without a home on it? 

No. There must be a dwelling on the property to build a garage and it must be approved by the A & E Committee and meet certain criteria. 

How can I find out what the building restrictions are?
Here is a link to a building/construction packet (Click Here).

Am I allowed to rent my home as a vacation rental (Air BnB)?
No. Short-term vacation rentals are not allowed per court judgment in 2023. There are fines for this violation. (Contact the POA office for more information). 

As a member of Sugar Springs, can I buy a yearly golf membership and golf whenever I want?
You can buy a season membership for a very reasonable fee and golf when you want. (However, there might be fees for special events and tournaments. Even during these events, your greens fees are still covered through your membership).

Can I use my own golf cart on the course?
Yes, but there is a trail fee.

How big are the lakes?
Lake Lancer is approximately 780 acres and Lake Lancelot is approximately 230 acres.

Are the lakes connected so I can boat to either one?
No, these are two separate lakes. Lake Lancer has a public DNR launch at the east side of the lake for public use. Lake Lancelot is 100% private and only Sugar Springs members have access.

Are these lakes All Sports?
Yes, both Lake Lancer and Lake Lancelot are all-sports lakes and are allowed to have speed boats and jet skis on the water. All sports activities are allowed between 11:00 AM and 7:30 PM. Before 11:00 AM and after 7:30 PM is NO WAKE time so that people can have quiet enjoyment of the lake for fishing or slow boating.

If I own a waterfront lot, am I allowed to put my own dock out?

Yes. You can put out a permanent or seasonal dock. 4 ft wide 20 ft long. Docks are subject to POA approval.

If I own an off-water lot or home, can I dock my boat out on one of the lakes?
You can rent a dockside from the POA for a fee each year, for about $350. (Updated 2022)  You will need to call the POA office to find out what docks are open to rent. You will want to make arrangements early in the year to ensure that a dock will be available for rent.

What kind of fish are in the lakes?
There is just about any kind of native Michigan fish in these lakes. Bass, Pike, Walleye, Perch, Crappie, Bluegill, Sunfish, Rock Bass, Catfish...etc. 

Can I camp on my vacant lot?
In most of Sugar Springs, you can camp, with certain conditions. It will depend on what realm the property is located in and if the sewer is installed on the property. The following areas do NOT allow camping: Islander Realm, South Westchester, and Shaftsbury Court (in the Highlander Realm #3). Camping is allowed in all other Realms with SEWER hookups only. Camping is allowed from the first weekend in April to November 30th. Visit this page for more info:

What amenities are required to be installed on my lot to camp?
A sewer hookup is required to camp on your lot.

How much does it cost to have the sewer hookup installed?
The sewer permit is $2550. This DOES NOT include installation costs. You will need to contact a contractor to get quotes on cost to install. 

Can I store my camper on my lot during the winter?
No. Campers must be off of the lots no later than November 30th.

Is there somewhere nearby where I can store my camper?
Yes. There is a secure, fenced-in storage area on Grass Lake Road, east of Sugar Springs. This area has high-security fencing, a locked gate, and very good lighting. See the Fee Schedule for the most updated storage rates. 

How many campers are allowed on one lot?
Up to two units. This includes campers and tents.

Are the roads maintained by the county?

Yes, all of the roads in Sugar Springs are paved and maintained year-round by the Gladwin County Road Commission.


Who is the electric and gas provider?

Consumers Energy for electric (800-477-5050) and DTE for natural gas (800-477-4747)

Is there high-speed internet available?

In most areas Spectrum high-speed internet is available. However, in some less populated areas of Sugar Springs, it is not available. Please check with the internet provider for availability. 

Is the Airstrip paved?
No. It is a level grass landing strip.

On the Airstrip, can I build an airplane hanger on my lot?
Yes. You can build a hanger (with approval of the POA) if there is a dwelling on the property.

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